art is life

here are this issues artists:


Kira Randall     

is a non-binary artist from Houston, Texas. Their paintings and drawings explore solitude, gender dysphoria, the human life cycle, and the transformative and destructive nature of occupying physical space both outside of and within the home



Ray Dunlap

Growing up in East Texas.    Alot of my works use that as a reference.. an living in  Japan  . Guam.. I’m working  in Acrylic.  An also clay, wood .. fabric to create.. story’s based on experience an folk lore with my own take on them… Awakening of the Whales. The flood. ..I’ve shown in galleries  museums in the USA an international.  The new works are.. emotional maps.. over the last few years … redefining  how we interact with each other an daily life ..

Recent shows: Amano Gallery,  Japan. Buffalo Soldier Museum,  Houston. Art fair ,Asia. Japan, Muddy Forts Gallery. Houston Collect it 4 the culture.. murals.. Houston.