Locust Candy

Locust Candy – an independent magazine seeking authors of all calibrations for submission. We love anything and everything from bizarre to abstract to absolute nonsense, as long as there is a story involved.

run by shoe elves… remember those your mother warned you about? (Possibly the offspring of the fairies who steal teeth from beneath you while you sleep, cuz that’s not CREEPY at all)

Although we aim to please, as most people do in this day and age, keep you comfortable, offer you tea, ask for your generous support when it comes to a close, doing our best not to offend – Locust Candy does not guarantee satisfaction, experiences will vary, may cause diabetes, tooth decay, and/or depression…

Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction, Art - we hope you will have a look around and explore the authors and artists who have contributed


Fiction -no theme this month, but we will have one in the months to come

just use the drop down menus to view the selected authors . (Thank you for checking us out!). Locust Candy is the follow up to our original Zine, Pink Eye which went offline. (Meshugge) If you or anyone you know are in the southern region and would like free tickets to attend the Locust Candy website, please drop us a line --- Email submissions to - (Note: hope to have a downloadable PDF is available for each issue once we've been at it a bit. Thanks for checking us out!). Sorry we were offline for so long .


Art will depend on the viewer. We are drawn to abstract, surreal, realistic, and an image which conveys a story or the idea of one. preferred subject matter is the home, family, neighbors, and the natural world

Legs SF


oh how we LOVE a juicy real life story! please please send us more. Heart ache, depression, family issues, just write from the heart and I'm sure we will all love it.

(don't forget to use the drop down menu to read our current authors)

just a note about us

Do us a favor:
turn down your T.V.


(We won’t be doing any of the fancy flashy stuff.)

Locust Candy is a Literary E-Zine focusing on the beauty of literature and art, the creation of the the phantasmic, the satirical, and the hilarious underbelly of life itself. It may be dark, unbelievable, a little twisted, or even spiritual as long as it is not evil. Question your upbringing, your institutions, and your religions. 


we hope to divide the line between art and b.s. A play on words and images. Here words are our freedom – you are beautiful and your message is strong.


When life gives us pink-eye, we make lemonade. All invited to attend – punks, ex-poets, slum-dogs, art school rejects, university bred anti-subordinates, llama lovers, swamp rockers, puppet show maestros, dime-store psychics, multi-cultural cross-breeds.


(Here at Locust Candy, our plan is to avoid using sex to sell. It may be insinuated, but straight up graphic sex scenes will not be accepted.)


***Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed here are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Locust Candy.***

Live a little, laugh a little, send us your submissions (or comments)