.... Maybe just a smidge about us....


Locust Candy E-zine began as Pink Eye Lemonade, named after an actual lemonade stand created by a young brother and sister in a redeveloped and historic neighborhood in Houston, Tx. These two entrepreneurs had devised several different lemonade concoctions for their lemonade stand, one of which was “Pink-Eye”; lemonade with a splash of red food coloring and raspberries on top.


Considerably an art world with little outlets for the literary scene, besides poetry slams which can really wear one thin, we decided to start this magazine. Although we are yet to become an industry standard print magazine, hopefully this will change in the future.


Proprietor Tracy L. began her love of the literary world in high school, being consumed by the beat poets, philosophy, and banned literature such as the likes of Henry Miller. This led to a creative writing certificate and journalism stint at community college, underground poetry slams and open mikes, then the start of a bizarre adventure in and out of the literary world. From newspaper journalism to art to several fiction novels, she also held numerous mundane jobs, raised two amazing children, and achieved several degrees of higher education.


Throughout all of this, she’s discovered location isn’t everything, its the dedication, travel, and love of craft that makes life worth living. It’s the experiences of life, whether they be good or bad, that become the canvas for a creative masterpiece. So, for everyone out there – write on! And be sure to Submit, tell your friends to Submit, and pass us along like a used book with an intimate letter written on the inside cover.