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Flash – 



is a Montana native, a farm boy of the 60s and 70s.  His work has appeared in numerous prose and poetry journals including FLINT HILLS REVIEW, JERSEY DEVIL, DEAD FERN and others.  His full length book of poetry, SHOES FOR BABY, was published by Swallow Publishing in the summer of 2022.

Kenneth Pobo has a new book of poems out from Ethel Press called Gold Bracelet in a Cave: Aunt Stokesia.  His collection of micro-fiction, Tiny Torn Maps, appeared from Deadly Chaps.





Fiction – 


Joel McKay is an award-winning writer and former journalist. His fiction has been published by Tyche Books, Brigids Gate Press and in Bewildering Stories. His next short story, Don’t Rock the Boat, is due out from Eerie River Publishing in early 2023. His novella, Wolf at the Door, won the Global Book Award gold medal for horror in 2022 for self-published books. He lives in Northern British Columbia with his wife and two daughters.



Leah Erickson is the author of the novels “The Brambles,” (2017) “Blythe of the Gates,”(2018) “The Gilded Lynx,” (2019) and “The Vesper Bell.” (2022) She is the recipient of the 2018 Independent Press Award and the Independent Book Award, as well as a silver medal from the Reader’s Favorite Awards, and a Gold Medal from the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Awards. Her short fiction has appeared in many magazines and journals in print and online, including The Fabulist, Pantheon Magazine, The Saint Ann’s Review, Eclectica, The KGB Bar Literary Journal, The Coachella Review, and many more. She lives in Newport, Rhode Island with her husband and daughter.