People Considered as Individual Stock Markets

     I, Margaret, say to you, Bob, that, “I won’t tell others about your vulnerabilities and superfluous feelings. It’s not your fault that you were born so weak and useless.” You say, “It’s not my kind of Worlds.” I say, “Everyone these days feels like a misfit, you are just another such person.” You say, “I feel like I am unique and have something to give to human society.” I tell you, “Life favors the bold. You need to seize the bull by the horns and run for office.”

     You tell me, “I am not a very popular persona; I doubt if I’d win an election.” I say, “But if you have good ideas, many people will follow you!” You say, “I’d like to turn everyone into a stock, and create a grand stock market. People would wager on other peoples’ fates and deeds.” I say, “I’ve never heard of such a thing! But I doubt people would go for it, but all it takes is one city state to adopt your idea.” You say, “It’s like a System of judgements, with every action and idea being judged by the others in your city state. And you will be free to spend money according to your stock’s worth. Each day will be a new stock price and of course some will go bankrupt and will have to go back to school to improve. And the System will be based on continually enhancing one’s ability and with it one’s total worth.”

     And you say, “People will belong to manageable groups of about 1,000 in which you would be acquainted with everyone else and one’s group would be decided according to one’s stock price. Everyone would be in a group of their equals.”

     I say, “It would require an upheaval in society’s that adopt it, but it is an experiment that deserves to be tried.”

     You say, “There will be countless thousands of stock groups, some will be mixed with a number of other ideas, all in one. Like imagination in art and mathematical ability. Many will be strange bedfellows, I am sure, but the stocks will depend on your strengths and your weaknesses will have no use. And every group will have leaders, the top stocks.”

     I say, “We live in an era where such a thing is possible; there’s no end to the great ideas of our time.